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We are Millennium Institute BASE We look forward to strengthening the scientific research excellence in biodiversity, conservation, and international law in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic territories. Read More Our Mission To generate cutting-edge scientific knowledge in Chile and train young researchers. Read more We seek to communicate And transfer scientific knowledge to opinion leaders, decision makers, educational communities and citizens. Read more

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(2022) A polar insect’s tale: Observations on the life cycle of Parochlus steinenii, the only winged midge native to Antarctica
Authors: Tamara Contador Mejias, Melisa Gañan, Javier Rendoll-Cárcamo, Claudia S. Maturana, Hugo Benítez, James Kennedy, Ricardo Rozzi, Peter Convey
Journal/Source: Ecologial Society of America (ESA)
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(2022) A combined microbial and biogeochemical dataset from high-latitude ecosystems with respect to methane cycle
Authors: Maialen Barret, Laure Gandois, Frederic Thalasso, Karla Martinez Cruz, Armando Sepulveda Jauregui, Céline Lavergne, Roman Teisserenc, Polette Aguilar, Oscar Gerardo Nieto, Claudia Etchebehere, Bruna Martins Dellagnezze, Patricia Bovio Winkler, Gilberto J. Fochesatto, Nikita Tananaev, Mette M. Svenning, Christophe Seppey, Alexander Tveit, Rolando Chamy, María Soledad Astorga España, Andrés Mansilla, Anton Van de Putte, Maxime Sweetlove, Alison E. Murray & Léa Cabrol
Journal/Source: Scientific data
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