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Base Capitán Arturo Prat, Armada de Chile. Fotografía: I. Milenio BASE/ J.Orlando

Chilean Navy highlights scientific work of the deputy director of BASE Millennium Institute

Within the framework of the Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ECA 58) of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), the naval institution highlighted the scientific career of Dr. Julieta Orlando, who stayed more than 30 days at the Captain Arturo Prat Naval Base , belonging to the Chilean Navy.

Julieta Orlando, Doctor of Sciences in Microbiology and deputy director of BASE Millennium Institute received recognition for teamwork, scientific performance in the field, direction of logistics and polar coordination. T

he Official Lieutenant Commander of the Sea, Eduardo Domínguez, who currently serves as Commander of Captain Arturo Prat Naval Base, highlighted Orlando’s 10 years of Antarctic experience, through the delivery of a Chilean Navy Coin: “I have had the opportunity to live in an INACH shelter, in scientific bases from the Army, the Navy, I have camped and sailed in seven different ships,” said the microbiologist, valuing the diversity of experiences she has obtained from Antarctic expeditions.

Arturo Prat Base, of the Chilean Navy, was a destination that emerged as a change of plans on the route, observes Dr. Orlando, since the Antarctic Scientific Expeditions (ECA) require coordination between teams and resource optimization. With this objective, she coordinated the collection of samples of the Neobuccinum eatoni snail for one of her colleagues, thus extending her southern stay from February to March 2022.

Between cueca dances, 24/7 gatherings and experiences of camaraderie and collaboration, Dr. Orlando was able to learn about the implications of a long-term stay in a base in Antarctic territory: “Being on the continent, one has the possibility of seeing different realities. It is different to be in a base of the Chilean Navy, in one of the Chilean Army, or in a facility where only civilians stay; as it is also very different to be on land than sailing”, says Julieta Orlando.

The gesture of the Naval Base Arturo Prat 2022 complement , is valued by the deputy director of the BASE Millennium Institute: “I feel very grateful, but I also feel that this is not an award, but rather the result of what Antarctic coexistence generates, and that has many edges. I feel that, even if I return to the same place, the experience is always different, and this expedition in particular was different because, unlike other opportunities, I was the only representative of our team of researchers, and I was able to adapt in a good way with the group at the base”, she reflects.

By: Constanza Barrientos.