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Dr. Juan G. Navedo

  • Graduate in Biology, University of Oviedo, Spain, 1997.
  • PhD in Marine Sciences and Technology, University of Cantabria, Spain, 2006.
  • Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology, Austral University of Chile.
  • Institute of Environmental and Evolutionary Sciences.
  • Conservation biology
  • Migration Ecology
  • Wetland Ecology
  • Effects of human activities on waterfowl
  • Ecophysiology
  • Navedo JG & Vargas-Chacoff L. 2021. Salmon aquaculture threatens Patagonia. Science 272: 695-696. [Letter]
  • Navedo JG; Araya V; Verdugo C. 2021. Upraising a silent pollution: antibiotic resistance at coastal environments and transference to long-distance migratory shorebirds. Science of the Total Environment 777: 146004
  • Navedo JG & Ruiz J. 2020. Oversummering in the southern hemisphere by long-distance migratory shorebirds calls for reappraisal of wetland conservation policies. Global Ecology and Conservation 23: e01189
  • Gutiérrez JS; Sabat P; Castañeda LE; Contreras C; Navarrete L; Peña-Villalobos I; Navedo JG. 2019. Oxidative status and metabolic profile in a long-lived bird preparing for extreme endurance migration. Scientific Reports 9:17616.
  • Navedo JG; Verdugo C; Rodríguez-Jorquera I; Abad-Gómez JM; Suazo CG; Castañeda LE; Araya V; Ruiz J; Gutiérrez JS. 2019. Assessing the effects of human activities on the foraging opportunities of migratory shorebirds in Austral high-latitude bays PLoS ONE 14: e0212441.

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