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PhD. Luis Vargas- Chacoff

  • Bachelor of Marine Biology, Austral University of Chile, 2001.
  • Doctorate in Sciences, University of Cádiz, Spain, 2009.
  • Postdoc U.S. Geological Survey, S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center (Turner Falls Massachusetts), 2015.
  • Austral University of Chile

  • Physiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Feeding Behavior
  • Fish aquaculture
  • Quilapi A; Vargas-lagos C; Martínez, D., Muñoz J; Spies J; Esperguel I; Tapia J; Oyarzun R; Vargas-Chacoff L. 2022. Brain immunity response of fish Eleginops maclovinus to infection with Francisella noatunensis. Fish & Shellfish Immunology. 120, 695 – 705.
  • López-farrán Z; Guillaumot C; Vargas-Chacoff L; Paschke K; Duliere V; Danis B; Poulin, E; Saucede T; Waters J; Gerard K. 2021. Is the southern crab Halicarcinus planatus (Fabricius, 1775) the next invader of Antarctica?. Global Change Biology. 27(15), 3487 – 3504.
  • Gomez J; Vargas-Chacoff L. 2021. Salmon aquaculture threatens Patagonia. Science. 372(6543), 695 – 696.
  • Vargas-Chacoff L; Martínez D; Oyarzun R; Paschke K; Navarro K. 2021. The osmotic response capacity of the Antarctic fish Harpagifer antarcticus is insufficient to cope with projected temperature and salinity under climate change. Journal of Thermal Biology . 96(102835).
  • Martínez DP; Sousa C; Oyarzún R; Pontigo JP; Canario AVM; Power DM; Vargas-Chacoff L; Guerreiro PM. 2020. LPS Modulates the Expression of Iron-Related Immune Genes in Two Antarctic Notothenoids. Front. Physiol. 11:102. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2020.00102

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