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PhD. Karin Gerard

  • Evolutionary Biology, University of the Mediterranean, France 2008.
  • PhD in Biological Oceanology, University of the Mediterranean, France, 2008.
  • University of Magallanes
  • Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB)
  • Laboratory of Antarctic and Subantarctic Marine Ecosystems (Lemas)
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Population genetics
  • Phylogeography
  • Phylogeny of marine invertebrates of the Southern Ocean
  • López-Farran Z.; Guillaumot C; Vargas-Chacoff L; Paschke K.; Dulière V; Danis B; Poulin E; Saucède T; Waters J; Gérard K. 2021. Global Change Biology is the southern crab Halicarcinus planatus (Fabricius, 1775) the next invader of Antarctica?
  • Rosenfeld S; Aldea C; López Z; Maturana CS; Ojeda J; Bahamonde F; Detrée C; Mansilla A; Poulin E; Gérard K. 2021. Unveiling the unknown phylogenetic position of the scallop Austrochlamys natans and its implications for marine stewardship in the Magallanes Province. Scientific Reports.
  • González-Wevar CA; Segovia NI; Rosenfeld S; Noll D; Maturana CS; Hüne M; Naretto J; Gérard K; Díaz A; Spencer HG; Saucède T; Féral JP; Morley SA; Brickle P; Wilson NG; Poulin, E. 2021. Contrasting biogeographical patterns in Margarella (Gastropoda: Calliostomatidae: Margarellinae) across the Antarctic Polar Front. Molecular phylogenetics & Evolution.
  • Gonzalez-Wevar CA; Gerard K; Rosenfeld S; Saucede T; Naretto J; Diaz A; Morley SA; Brickle P; Poulin E. 2019. Cryptic speciation in Southern Ocean Aequiyoldia eightsii (Jay, 1839): Mio-Pliocene trans-Drake Passage separation and diversification. Progress In Oceanography.
  • Gerard K; Roby C; Bierne N; Borsa P; Feral JP; Chenuil A. 2015. Does natural selection explain the fine scale genetic structure at the nuclear exon Glu-5 ‘ in blue mussels from Kerguelen? Ecology & Evolution.

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