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PhD. Mª José Pérez-Alvarez

  • Doctor of Sciences with specialization in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Chile, 2013.
  • Mayor University.
  • Ecology and Biodiversity Institute (IEB).
  • Eutropia Research Center.
  • Population, phylogeographic and evolutionary studies of cetaceans in Chile.
  • Conservation Genetics
  • Integration Molecular and Behavioral Ecology of cetaceans in Chile
  • Interaction of marine mammals with fisheries
  • Conservation of marine mammals in chile
  • Fernando F; Mangel, Jeffrey C. M; Joanna A; Alberto Cocas L; Guerra J; Pérez-Álvarez M; Sepúlveda M. 2021. Challenges and opportunities for the conservation of marine mammals in the Southeast Pacific with the entry into force of the United States Marine Mammal Protection Act. Regional studies in marine sciences.
  • Pérez-Álvarez M; Kraft S; Segovia N; Olavarría C; Nigenda-Morales S; Urbano J; Viloria-Gomora L; Arquero F; Moraga R; Sepúlveda M; Santos-Carvallo M; Moraga G; Poulin E. 2021. Contrasting phylogeographic patterns between northern and southern hemisphere populations of fin whales with new data from the South Pacific. Frontiers in marine sciences.
  • Urbina M; Guerrero P; Jerez V; Lison F; Luna-Jorquera G; Matus-Olivares C; Ortíz J; Pavez G; Pérez-Álvarez M; Riquelme-Bugueño R; Santos-Carvallo M; Sepúlveda M; Victoriano P.; Gómez-Uchida D. 2021. Extractivist policies damage Chile’s ecosystems. Science.
  • Kraft S; Pérez-Álvarez M; Olavarría C; Moraga R; Panadero, C; Acero D; Tixier P; Guinet C; Viricel A; Brickle P; Costa M; Crespo E; Durante C; Loizaga R; Poulin E. 2021. From settlers to subspecies: genetic differentiation in Commerson’s dolphins between South America and the Kerguelen Islands. Frontiers in marine sciences.
  • Pérez-Álvarez M; Gutiérrez L; Pavez G; Araya H; Anguita C; Cerda C; Sepúlveda M. Impacts of whale watching on the short-term behavior of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) in a marine protected area in the southeast Pacific. Santos-Carvallo M; Barilari, F; Pérez-Álvarez. 2021. Frontiers in marine sciences.

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