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PhD. Tamara Contador

  • Doctor of Freshwater ecology and environmental ethics, University of Texas. United States, 2011.
  • Postdoc in Ecology and Environmental Ethics, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB), 2012.
  • University of Magallanes

  • Cape Horn International Center

  • Millennium Nucleus of Invasive Austral Salmonids (Invasal)

  • Adaptations, life cycles, phenology and ecophysiology of aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates in extreme environments.

  • Ecology of subantarctic and antarctic freshwater ecosystems.

  • Environmental Ethics and Field Environmental Philosophy.

  • Rendoll-Cárcamo J; Convey P; Gañán M. et al. 2022. Ecological features of exotic Vespula wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) invading the southernmost Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Biol Invasions.

  • Gañan M; Contador T; Rendoll J; Simoes F; Pérez C; Graham G; Castillo S; Kennedy J; Convey. P. 2021. Records of Parochlus steinenii in the Maritime Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions. ZooKeys, 1011: 63-71
  • Contador T; Rendoll J; Mackenzie R; Rosenfeld S; Barroso O; Rozzi R; Goffinet B; Kennedy J; Convey P. 2021. Terrestrial invertebrate communities from Diego Ramírez archipelago (56°31’S), the southernmost long-term ecological study site in America: diversity and affinities with the subantarctic islands of the southern ocean. Annals of the Institute of Patagonia, 48(3), 83–98

  • Marambio J; Rosenfeld S; Rodríguez JP; Méndez F; Contador T; Mackenzie R; Goffinet B; Rozzi R; Mansilla A. 2021. Seven new records of macroalgae for Diego Ramírez archipelago (56°31’S): the value of the new marine park as a carbon sink and conservation of subantarctic biodiversity. Annals of the Institute of Patagonia, 48(3), 99–111

  • Rosenfeld S; Marambio J; Aldea C; Rodríguez JP; Mendez F; Gonzalez-Wevar C; Gerard K; Contador T; Mackenzie R; Rozzi R; Mansilla A. 2021. Update of the coastal-marine mollusc assemblage registry of Diego Ramírez archipelago (56°31’S), Chile: a haven for sustainable economy and subantarctic conservation. Annals of the Institute of Patagonia, 48(3), 113–125

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