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From Santiago and Concepción, researchers from BASE Millennium Institute began mentoring program with Tremendas Foundation

Under the motto “girls' education is a climate solution”, researchers Valentina Bernal and Catalina Jara began their participation in Tremendas Foundation's Climatic Academy. A project aimed at 12 to 25 year-old girls and adolescents from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. A mentorship that seeks to guide young people on Climate Action projects linked…

New species of land bird that inhabits the Diego Ramírez- Drake Passage Marine Park Islands identified

The description of the new species identified as Subantarctic Rayadito (Aphrastura subantarctica), was published in the international scientific journal of Nature "Scientific Reports", an article that presents the result of the research carried out over six years by researchers from the Cape Horn International Center for Studies of Global Change and Biocultural Conservation (CHIC), a…

From France, a team from the BASE Millennium Institute highlights researches on Antarctic fish Harpagifer

Within the framework of the 14th version of the International Congress on Fish Biology, ICBF (International Congress on the Biology of Fish), Dr. Luis Vargas-Chacoff, Dr. Elie Poulin and doctoral researcher Daniela Nualart, traveled to the city of Montpellier to publish studies on the physiology and evolution of Antarctic fish. The researchers from BASE Millennium Institute…

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