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We are Millennium Institute BASE We look forward to strengthening the scientific research excellence in biodiversity, conservation, and international law in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic territories. Read More Our Mission To generate cutting-edge scientific knowledge in Chile and train young researchers. Read more We seek to communicate And transfer scientific knowledge to opinion leaders, decision makers, educational communities and citizens. Read more

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(2022) Variability at multiple spatial scales in intertidal and subtidal macrobenthic communities in a fjord with glaciers, Magellanic Subantarctic ecoregion, Chile
Authors: Bahamonde, F., Rodríguez, J., Rosenfeld, S., Méndez, F., López, Z., Gerar, K. & Mansilla, A.
Journal/Source: Science Direct
Link to published article:

(2022) Recent massive invasions of the circumboreal sea anemone Metridium senile in North and South Patagonia
Authors: Häussermann, V., Molinet, C., Díaz Gómez, M., Försterra G., Henríquez, J., Espinoza Cea, K., Matamala Ascencio, T., Hüne, M., Cárdenas, C., Glon, H., Barahona Toledo, N. & Subiabre Mena, D.
Journal/Source: Springer Link
Link to published article:

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