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About Us

About Us

We are a non-profit foundation created in 2021 with the aim to promote the Millennium Biodiversity Institute of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems (BASE) project. We study the past, present and future of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity: the fate of a unique biota in a changing world.

BASE Millennium Institute brings together specialists in biodiversity, conservation and international law, to integrate advanced knowledge linked to the Southern Ocean. We look for knowledge to be used in decision-making aimed at conservation and the generation of ideas and new projects, in order to contribute to the generation of new proposals for Antarctic governance based on science, peace and sustainability.

The BASE Millennium Institute is composed of 11 main researchers, 9 associate members, and a significant number of young researchers in different stages of training. We seek to contribute to the strengthening of gender equity, therefore, since our creation, 40% of our team is made up of researchers and professional women.


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