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Miguel Salazar

  • History and Geography Teacher, University of Playa Ancha. Chile, 2013.
  • Master in International Relations. Center for Legislative Assistance Studies (CEAL), Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. Chile, 2018.
  • PhD candidate in Political Science. Mention in International Relations. Center for International Studies (CERI). Institute of Political Studies of Paris, Sciences Po. Paris, 2019.
  • Paris Institute of Political Studies Sciences Po
  • International Relations
  • Geopolitics of polar regions
  • Governance and resources management system
  • Political ecology
  • Book chapter: Magellan: historical imaginary and political perceptions of a proto-globalization. In the Strait of Magellan. Images and perceptions of five centuries. LW Editorial.
  • “China and the polar regions”: how Beijing traces its route in Antarctica via Argentina and Chile. Asialyst journal. 
  • Non-state actors in Antarctica. An analysis from science, the environment and tourism. Sophia Austral Journal No 22, 2nd Semester 2018. 
  • The circular economy as an alternative response to food challenges: a case study for the situation in Chile. International relations chilean journal. 
  • The Yámana Culture and the French scientific mission at Cape Horn. Images from a pioneer record, 1882-1883. Historical and geographical notes Journal, University of Playa Ancha. 

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