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Dr. Claudio González-Wevar

  • Biología Marina, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2000.
  • Magíster en Ciencias con mención en Genética, Universidad Austral de Chile, 2005.
  • Doctor en Ciencias con mención en Ecología y Biología Evolutiva, Universidad de Chile, 2010
  • Universidad Austral de Chile

  • Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB)

  • Biología Evolutiva
  • Biogeografía
  • Sistemática filogenética
  • Ecología Molecular
  • Genética de poblaciones
  • Segovia NI; González-Wevar CA; Naretto J; Rosenfeld S; Brickle P; Hüne M; Bernal V; Haye PA; Poulin E. 2022. The right tool for the right question: contrasting biogeographic patterns in the notothenioid fish Harpagifer spp. along the Magellan Province. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 289, 20212738.
  • Morley SA; Navarro JM; Ortíz A; Détrée C; Gerrish L; González-Wevar CA; Bayes AE. 2022. Evolutionary constraints on physiology confound range shift predictions of two nacellid limpets. Science of the Total Environment, 806, 150943.
  • Maturana CS; Rosenfeld S; Biersma E; Segovia NI; González-Wevar CA; Díaz A; Naretto J; Duggan IC; Hogg ID; Poulin E; Convey P; Jackson JA. 2021. Historical biogeography of the Gondwanan freshwater genus Boeckella (Crustacea): Timing and modes of speciation in the Southern Hemishpere. Diversity and Distributions, 27, 2303 – 2343.
  • Schwob G; Segovia NI; González-Wevar CA; Cabrol L; Orlando J; Poulin E. 2021. Exploring the Microdiversity within marine bacterial taxa: toward an integrated biogeography in the Southern Ocean. Frontiers in Microbiology, 12, 703792.
  • González-Wevar CA; Segovia NI; Rosenfeld S; Noll D; Maturana CS; Hüne M; Naretto J; Gérard K; Díaz A; Spencer HG; Saucède T; Féral J-P; Morley SA; Brickle P; Wilson NG; Poulin E. 2021. Contrasting biogeographical patterns in Margarella (Gastropoda: Calliostomatidae: Margarellinae) across the Antarctic Polar Front. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 156, 107039.

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