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Regional collaboration exchanged scientific diving knowledge in Antarctic waters

The director of the Millennium Institute for Biodiversity of Antarctic and Subantarctic Ecosystems (BASE), Dr. Elie Poulin, with the director of the Millennium Nucleus for the Ecology and Conservation of Temperate Mesophotic Reef Ecosystems (NUTME), Dr. Alejandro Pérez-Matus dived in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica, on a 15-day international expedition that took them to the inhospitable…

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Antarctic breakthrough: International expedition reached the Larsen platform to study Climate Change

Through an international collaboration between SEDNA Expeditions and the Millennium Institute for Biodiversity of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems (BASE), a group of scientists navigated the frozen waters of the Weddell Sea to carry out studies on microorganisms, lichens, mosses, flowering plants, algae, marine invertebrates, fishes, Adelie and emperor penguins. Antarctica, January 10th, 2023.- An international collaboration…

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Metagenomics and SMDs: BASE Millennium Institute makes a public call to postdoctoral

The vacancies are available for chileans and foreigners with an academic degree of Doctor in accredited national programs or their foreign equivalents, in disciplines related to the required profiles. Applications will be open until February 28, 2023. The Institute Biodiversity of Antarctic and Subantarctic Ecosystems (IBASE) seeks to provide postdoctoral positions in Metagenomics (1) and…

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The CCAMLR awards PhD researcher from INACH and BASE Millennium Institute a scholarship

Mauricio Mardones, the doctoral researcher at the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH) and the Millennium BASE Institute, who was awarded a scholarship from the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), aims to develop a stock assessment model for the krill fishery. The doctoral researcher of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), Millennium BASE Institute,…

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Collaboration between the University of Chile and BASE Millennium Institute is awarded the Public Science Fund from the Chilean Government 2022

The program, which is part of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation's Science and Society Division, will fund the "Antarctic Metaverse: A virtual exploration trip to learn about southern biodiversity" project in the category of "Knowledge Dissemination Products." The Faculty of Communication and Image of the University of Chile (FCEI) and the Biodiversity…

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BASE Millennium Institute researchers were part of the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel in Sweden

The depletion of the ozone layer and its effects on human health and ecosystems was the focus of the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP) carried out within the framework of the 35th anniversary of the Protocol of Montréal. This year, the EEAP was promoted by the Ozone Secretariat of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), and…

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Collaboration, interdisciplinary and teamwork were part of the conclusions of the first annual meeting of BASE Millennium Institute in Punta Arenas

The meeting held from September 21st to 23rd in the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic, brought together principal and associate researchers from Millennium Biodiversity Institute of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems (BASE) to review the progress and plan new projects. Among the topics addressed at the first annual  BASE Millennium Institute meeting, were the  definition of…

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From Santiago and Concepción, researchers from BASE Millennium Institute began mentoring program with Tremendas Foundation

Under the motto “girls' education is a climate solution”, researchers Valentina Bernal and Catalina Jara began their participation in Tremendas Foundation's Climatic Academy. A project aimed at 12 to 25 year-old girls and adolescents from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. A mentorship that seeks to guide young people on Climate Action projects linked…

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New species of land bird that inhabits the Diego Ramírez- Drake Passage Marine Park Islands identified

The description of the new species identified as Subantarctic Rayadito (Aphrastura subantarctica), was published in the international scientific journal of Nature "Scientific Reports", an article that presents the result of the research carried out over six years by researchers from the Cape Horn International Center for Studies of Global Change and Biocultural Conservation (CHIC), a…

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From India, the Antarctic conference reflects on the impact of climate change on biodiversity

The 10th Open Science Conference of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) will be held until August 10th, and a research team from BASE Millennium Institute will present the results of their research on biodiversity and international polar law. As an opportunity to exhibit work, research progress, network building and involvement in scientific activities of…

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