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Researchers from BASE Millennium Institute join the GBIF Chile Node Governance Board

With the aim of developing initiatives for the study and conservation of biodiversity at the national level, based on scientific evidence and the use of data, the scientists from the BASE Millennium Institute PhD. Claudia Maturana and Melisa Gañán will add their knowledge of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity. May 03, 2023.- Promote and encourage free access…

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Important collection of yeasts associated with lichens was published on the GBIF Chile platform

A work carried out by researchers from the Millennium Institute BASE and the Microbial Ecology Laboratory (LEMi) of the University of Chile and which seeks to contribute to the description and conservation of the biodiversity of the ecosystems associated with lichens in the Aysén region and the Magellan region. April 6, 2023.- The largest collection of…

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