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Tag: expedition

The work of the Millennium Institute BASE in the Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ECA 59) of INACH is completed successfully

The installation of biodiversity observatories and the collection of samples for genomic studies were some of the activities carried out this 2022-2023 Antarctic season by researchers from the BASE Millennium Institute on the white continent. April 11, 2023.- At least 30 researchers from the Millennium Institute BASE were part of the LIX Antarctic Scientific…

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Antarctic breakthrough: International expedition reached the Larsen platform to study Climate Change

Through an international collaboration between SEDNA Expeditions and the Millennium Institute for Biodiversity of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Ecosystems (BASE), a group of scientists navigated the frozen waters of the Weddell Sea to carry out studies on microorganisms, lichens, mosses, flowering plants, algae, marine invertebrates, fishes, Adelie and emperor penguins. Antarctica, January 10th, 2023.- An international collaboration…

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