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Podcast from Patagonia: “Bitácora antártica” invites to reflect on Climate Change and transdiscipline

The project promoted from the Magallanes region by the Patagonian Institute of Cultural Studies (INPAEC), in collaboration with researchers from the BASE Millennium Institute, is now available on Spotify, Ivoox and the INPAEC YouTube channel.

“Bitácora Antártica” (Antarctic Logbook) is the name of the new scientific outreach podcast that seeks to reflect on Antarctica from the perspective of Anthropology, History, Science, Geology and Biodiversity. The proposal, promoted by the Patagonian Institute of Cultural Studies (INPAEC), and its director, Sociologist Silvio Reyes Rolla, seeks to discuss the Antarctic continent and its connection with people and knowledge, from a close, entertaining and reflective format: “We wanted to highlight Science as an agent of change that today is the protagonist of the great reflections of the future”, says Reyes, who is also a poet and cultural mediator.

Through 10 episodes of 40 to 50 minutes, researchers linked to Antarctica reflect on the challenges in the continent and how the Academy, Science and Civil Society work for its protection and awareness, a project in which the BASE Millenium Institute joined, with the participation of five of its researchers: PhD. Elie Poulin, PhD. Julieta Orlando, PhD. Juliana Vianna, PhD. Pablo Guerrero and PhD. Andrea Piñones.

Silvio Reyes Rolla is a Sociologist, Poet, Cultural Mediator and Director of the Patagonian Institute of Cultural Studies (INPAEC).¿

In chapter five, PhD. Andrea Piñones (BASE Millennium Institute, UACh, IDEAL, COPAS) reflects on ecogeographic elements of Antarctica and the so-called trophic chain (Premiere chapter: May 12, 2023). While in chapter six, PhD. Juliana Vianna (BASE Millennium Institute, PUC, CRG, Núcleo Milenio LILI) details the scientific work carried out with Penguins (Premiere chapter: May 15, 2023).

In chapter seven, PhD. Pablo Guerrero (BASE Millennium Institute, UdeC, IEB) gives details about his research on Antarctic plants (Premiere chapter: May 17, 2023), and on the other hand, chapter eight, PhD. Elie Poulin (Instituto Milenio BASE, Uchile) refers to pollution, invasive species and tourism developed in Antarctica (Premiere chapter: May 19, 2023). Finally, in chapter nine, PhD. Julieta Orlando (Instituto Milenio BASE, Uchile) reflects on Bioremediation and antibiotic resistance (Premiere chapter: 22 May 2023).

The podcast “Bitácora Antártica” (Antarctic Logbook), a popularization of history and science about the frozen continent and sub-Antarctic geography, is now available on Spotify, Ivoox and the INPAEC YouTube channel. The proposal has the musical collaboration of the Magellanic group Lluvia Ácida, with the song “Camino de la Ballena”, from the album Archipiélago Coloane. More information at

Chapters of “Antarctic Logbook”.

  1. History of Antarctic research. Phd Marcelo Leppe Chapter premiere: May 2, 2023
  2. Antarctic Treaty from the history. Rodrigo Santibáñez Chapter premiere: May 5, 2023
  3. Human condition of research in the Antarctic field. Anthropologist Florencia Vergara – Chapter premiere: May 8, 2023
  4. Geological conformation of Antarctica. Phd. Luis Jara Premiere episode: May 10, 2023
  5. Ecogeographic elements of Antarctica and the food chain. PhD. Andrea Piñones (BASE Millennium Institute – UACh – IDEAL – COPAS) Premiere chapter: 12 May 2023
  6. Penguins and Antarctic fauna. PhD. Juliana Vianna (BASE Millennium Institute – PUC -CRG – Millennium Nucleus LILI) Chapter premiere: May 15, 2023
  7. Antarctic flora. PhD. Pablo Guerrero (BASE Millennium Institute- UdeC) Chapter premiere: May 17, 2023
  8. Pollution, invasive species and tourism in Antarctica. PhD. Elie Poulin (BASE Millennium Institute – Uchile) Chapter premiere: May 19, 2023
  9. Bioremediation and antibiotic resistance. PhD. Julieta Orlando (BASE Millennium Institute – Uchile) Chapter premiere: May 22, 2023
  10. Last Patagonia; the expedition to Madre de Dios Island. Natalia Morata. Premiere episode: May 24, 2023


By Carolina Gajardo
Images: Patagonian Institute of Cultural Studies (INPAEC)

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