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Signature of collaboration agreement between BASE Millennium Institute and IEB

The agreement places scientific collaboration at the center of the institutional work, and it includes support for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers, as well as the development of infrastructure and equipment for activities, programs and projects.

With the aim of promoting research, education and conservation of biodiversity in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions, BASE Millennium Institute and the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) signed an institutional scientific collaboration agreement with the focus on human capital training.

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile hosted the meeting between both institutions: “The members of BASE Millennium Institute have links with the IEB center and, in particular, several of our researchers have been trained in the institution, which facilitates our integration in the search for measures to implement and improve the conservation of Chile’s natural resources”, said Dr. Elie Poulin, Director of BASE Millennium Institute.

Dr. Aníbal Pauchard, Director of IEB highlighted the possibility of strengthening scientific work with a greater impact for society: “Integrate knowledge between these different centers of excellence, to the extent that these associations and cooperation agreements are made.”

The collaboration agreement, in addition to providing human, technical, logistical, infrastructure and equipment resources, seeks to develop joint actions focused on conservation and scientific communication to a wide audience: “We hope to contribute with new approaches, models and study sites to strengthen the development of cutting-edge research on biodiversity at the national level” highlighted Dr. Julieta Orlando, Deputy Director of the BASE Millennium Institute.

In terms of research, both centers will develop scientific collaborations and information exchange in the areas related to status and trends, integrity of ecosystems, agents of change in biodiversity, global warming and climate change, conservation and governance. At the same time, the support to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers is planned, as well as the development of infrastructure and equipment for activities, programs and projects that are of interest to both the BASE Millennium Institute and the IEB.

Text: Constanza Barrientos and Carolina Todorovic.
Photos: BASE Millennium Institute / J.Orlando

Fernando Valenzuela (Gerente de IEB), Yasna Pardo (Directora ejecutiva), Aníbal Pauchard (Director IEB), Elie Poulin (Director Instituto Milenio BASE), Julieta Orlando (Directora alterna del Instituto Milenio BASE), Ramiro Bustamante (Secretario IEB) y Francisco Squeo (Presidente directorio IEB).

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