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From Santiago and Concepción, researchers from BASE Millennium Institute began mentoring program with Tremendas Foundation

Under the motto “girls' education is a climate solution”, researchers Valentina Bernal and Catalina Jara began their participation in Tremendas Foundation's Climatic Academy. A project aimed at 12 to 25 year-old girls and adolescents from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. A mentorship that seeks to guide young people on Climate Action projects linked…

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New species of land bird that inhabits the Diego Ramírez- Drake Passage Marine Park Islands identified

The description of the new species identified as Subantarctic Rayadito (Aphrastura subantarctica), was published in the international scientific journal of Nature "Scientific Reports", an article that presents the result of the research carried out over six years by researchers from the Cape Horn International Center for Studies of Global Change and Biocultural Conservation (CHIC), a…

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From India, the Antarctic conference reflects on the impact of climate change on biodiversity

The 10th Open Science Conference of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) will be held until August 10th, and a research team from BASE Millennium Institute will present the results of their research on biodiversity and international polar law. As an opportunity to exhibit work, research progress, network building and involvement in scientific activities of…

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From France, a team from the BASE Millennium Institute highlights researches on Antarctic fish Harpagifer

Within the framework of the 14th version of the International Congress on Fish Biology, ICBF (International Congress on the Biology of Fish), Dr. Luis Vargas-Chacoff, Dr. Elie Poulin and doctoral researcher Daniela Nualart, traveled to the city of Montpellier to publish studies on the physiology and evolution of Antarctic fish. The researchers from BASE Millennium Institute…

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Norwegian expert will reflect on climate change and the Antarctic Treaty System

El Doctor en historia Peder Roberts, analizará cómo el cambio climático afecta al sistema internacional que brinda gobernanza al continente austral: el Sistema del Tratado Antártico. El investigador principal del Instituto Milenio BASE, y académico de la Facultad de Derecho de la U. de Chile, Prof. Luis Valentín Ferrada moderará el encuentro, que se desarrollará…

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Chilean Navy highlights scientific work of the deputy director of BASE Millennium Institute

Within the framework of the Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ECA 58) of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH), the naval institution highlighted the scientific career of Dr. Julieta Orlando, who stayed more than 30 days at the Captain Arturo Prat Naval Base , belonging to the Chilean Navy. Julieta Orlando, Doctor of Sciences in Microbiology and deputy…

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Signature of collaboration agreement between BASE Millennium Institute and IEB

The agreement places scientific collaboration at the center of the institutional work, and it includes support for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and researchers, as well as the development of infrastructure and equipment for activities, programs and projects. With the aim of promoting research, education and conservation of biodiversity in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions,…

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Instituto Milenio BASE Millennium Institute celebrates the new Master’s graduate in Sciences from University of Chile

The student Constanza Paz Millán Medina obtained her Master of Science degree from the University of Chile, in a research led by Dr. Elie Poulin -director of the BASE Millennium Institute- as thesis director, and in a project carried out during the pandemic. With the title "Patterns of genetic diversity and contemporary population structure in …

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Instituto Milenio BASE incorporates young researchers as new doctoral students

Four professionals from Valdivia, Concepción and Santiago will join the institute to strengthen their scientific training in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic ecosystems, guided by researchers from the BASE Millennium Institute, within the framework of ANID National Doctorate Scholarship, 2022. The National Agency for Research and Development of Chile (ANID) announced the results of the 2022 call …

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Punta Arenas declaration: A pole of knowledge for sustainable development in the southernmost region of the planet

Led by the Ministry of Science and the Regional Government of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, 37 institutions from the public and private sectors, academia, research and international initiatives signed the document that formalizes their commitment to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the area, the country and the world, through research and innovation. The…

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